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putting away Christmas awa

Here it is… New Year’s Day 2009! Not wanting to be a total couch potato/football fiend I began bringing boxes up from the basement in order to start taking down the Christmas decorations. I mean, why not? It is a day off work and it needs to be done sooner or later. But somehow it just seems too darned soon. Plus I really like the way they make the whole house look with the lights ringing the two banks of windows, the tree with its glittery and nostalgic decorations hanging there and the cards from friends and relatives. Are you really sure we have to take it all down? 

Probably not. But most of the time in life – as in Christmas decor – beginning something new means putting away something old. We love the stuff we know and are familiar with. We see it all the time and know how it works. We are not completely sold on the value of the thing we are moving toward and move toward it somewhat reluctantly. 

But the time has come and put away Christmas we must. Correction… put away Christmas DECOR. Putting away Christmas is another matter completely. Keeping the spirit of God incarnate alive in our hearts is something we can do every day, regardless of the season. 

Long live Christmas! Christmas decor can go back to the basement.

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