Catch up #2 – the surgery blues.

Surgery is never fun… even when it is something as minor as a right shoulder decompression such as the one I had last Friday. Our skin is not meant to be pierced by stainless steel. Our muscles are not intended to be shoved around rudely. Our bones (and the spurs they sometimes grow as we age) are not meant to be sawed off. But in the long run the piercing and shoving and sawing all works together to produce a long-term good. But in the meantime, all of that precise brutality has to heal up. I think one of the results is going to be that I will have a newfound ability to empathize with those who have much more serious surgeries than I did.

The really interesting thing about it all is that I had the exact same surgery seven years ago on the left shoulder. From that one I have a four-inch long scar where the whole shoulder aparatus was laid open. For this one, I will just have three little holes, evenly spaced around my shoulder. And although it has only been three days, the recovery will be much shorter and pain-free than the last one. I am totally in awe of the way medicine has advanced, even in that short amount of time! Praise the Lord!!

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