Worth it?

Just got back from 10 amazing days in Maui where we snorkeled, scuba’d, hiked, drove, played, spent time with family and friends and just generally relaxed. The only monkey wrench in the works was having to go to the emergency room on the last day and get a treatment for a case of “swimmer’s ear;” a minor, though painful bacterial infection of the outer ear canal. First there was the ER visit and then a (discounted) $100 prescription of ear drops to fill.

We then arrived yesterday at our De Soto, Kansas home (in 98 degree heat) to discover that 1.) the automatic garage door opener was broken… $233 to repair. 2.) the air conditioner was not working… $805 to repair. If my theology were a little less sound I could see myself concluding that we were being punished for going away and having such an amazingly good time in Hawaii. 

So the question is: was it worth it, considering the hefty return price tag? I will let the photo below answer for me.

Beach at Wailea at sunset. Priceless!

Beach at Wailea at sunset. Priceless!

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