Prayer of the entitled

Dear God;

I finished walking my dogs this morning and then thought nothing of the wonder of stepping from the heat of the outdoors into a delightfully air-conditioned house.

I decided my old razor blade was dull and as I reached over to grab a new one there in the supply drawer I confess that I didn’t pause even for a second to consider what a rare privilege I was enjoying.

I got into the shower and carefully adjusted the mix of hot and cold water, and had zero consciousness of the utter extraordinariness of an act that seems so simple.

And then, when breakfast beckoned, I just shrugged my shoulders, grabbed nutritious and delicious food from its convenient storage place and consumed it… oblivious to the miracle at hand.

Tell, me, God; how do we do it? How do we so glibly gloss over these blessings and advantages that attend life in our part of the world? How have we grown the thick skin of entitlement that fails to pause and consider how rare, how unheard of, how not universal our style of life really is?

Forgive me, God. Forgive my impulse to overlook. Forgive my selfish seeking for security. 

Prod me.

Poke me.

Provoke me.

Pierce me.

Open my eyes that I might see… visions of life thou sendest me.

Open my heart, illumine me…

Spirit divine.


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