The Phases of Adulthood

A good one here from a blogger I really like…

Mitch Teemley


Why are there so many names for the different phases of life from birth through teens (baby, toddler, pre-schooler, kindergartner, grade-schooler, pre-teen, tweener) and almost none for the 60+ years that follow?

It’s not fair! I mean, you’re not just young, then old! For example, I clearly hit Second Puberty around age 40, when all of those little hairs started popping out in weird places.

Here are a few name suggestions for the different

Phases of Adulthood

  • 20s: Hipper-than-You-ers, Not Fairers, Communists
  • 30s: Still-Got-It-ers, Owned-by-My-Kids-ers, Democrats
  • 40s: Trying-to-Keep-It-ers, Our-Music-Was-Better-than-Yours-ers, Moderates
  • 50s: Had-More-Than-You-Ever-Will-ers, Bend-Over-Groaners, Republicans
  • 60s: Wait-Where-Did-I-Put-It-ers, Fascists
  • 70s: I-Don’t-Need-a-Cane-ers, All-Politicians-are-the-Same-ers
  • 80s: Where’s-My-Cane-ers, Communists

What names would yousuggest for the Phases of Adulthood?

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1 Response to “The Phases of Adulthood”

  1. 1 Warren Molton
    September 30, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Well, while I generally agree with your line-up of silhouettes, my pot is NOT quite hat big (Too much the gentleman doth protest?), nor am I at all stooped (Better check the mirror I suspect. Clever.

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