20 Ways to Create Christmas Cheer

I really liked the suggestions she makes here. Fun, effective, low-cost and guaranteed to revive your Christmas spirit.


I have been in a rut, and I have not been able to fix it.  My normal go-to behavior is not working.  I fill my mind with positive thoughts.  I capture negativity and work to redirect it.  Still nothing.  I get into the zone, and within 24 hours find myself on the outside of the circle looking in…trying to find my way back.


I am at capacity and harnessing no holiday cheer so I resort to my lowest level of training.  Since I cannot find happiness, I will create happiness.  Since I cannot find joy,  I will create joy.  Since I cannot find Christmas cheer, I will create Christmas cheer.   I am determined to declutter my holidays for myself and for all those I love.

20 Ways to Create Christmas Cheer | Happy Holidays | Holiday Acitvities | Christmas Activities | Low cost Christmas | Minimalist Holidays

I am here to create what I cannot find, to pull together the wisdom of those who have been where I am…needed what…

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